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Imperial Smoked Haddock Wellington.png

King Prawn Wellington (Unbaked)

6 x 210g   £22.09   £3.68 / each

Large tropical prawns in a spicy sweet chilli & red pepper sauce.

Imperial Smoked Haddock Wellington (Unbaked)

6 x 215g   £23.88   £3.98 / each

Smoked haddock in a rich Florentine sauce of spinach & cheese, encased in puff pastry finished with cheddar & garnished with redcurrants.

Salmon Wellington (Unbaked)

6 x 215g   £26.00   £4.33 / each

Skinless & boned salmon in a rich butter & prawn sauce wrapped in puff pastry purse finished with asparagus & chopped parsley.

Salmon Wellington with spinach and mushrooms (champignons) baked in puff pastry served wit

Lobster Thermidor en Croute (Unbaked)

6 x 215g   £27.17   £4.53 / each

Lobster with skinless & boned cod in a rich & creamy white wine, cheese, mustard & garlic sauce, wrapped in a light puff pastry and topped with a lemon slice & dill.

Salmon Papillote (Unbaked)

6 x 290g   £27.18   £4.53 / each

Fillet of Atlantic salmon with courgettes, peppers & onions with a lemon slice & butter pat, all wrapped in a parchment paper envelope.

Pork & Cider En Croute (Unbaked)

6 x 270g   £25.86   £4.31 / each

A large en croute filled with lean pork in an apple & cider sauce all in handmade puff pastry then finished with an apple & thyme garnish.

Calabrain En Croute.jpg

Chicken & Wild Mushroom En Croute (Unbaked)

6 x 270g   £27.65   £4.61 / each

Chicken with cream, white wine and wild mushrooms, garnished with mushroom slices and French herbs.

Calabrain En Croute (V) (Unbaked)

6 x 225g   £22.62   £3.77 / each

A vegetarian en croute of goat’s cheese, olives & spinach.

Caramalised Vegetable & Brie Tart (V) (Unbaked)

6 x 240g   £21.24   £3.54 / each

A combination of caramalised vegetables and creamy brie cheesein a pastry tart case.

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