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Beautiful sous-vide prepared dishes created for Pubs & Restaurants
Sous vide Cooking
Salmon 13 Cropped
Cumberland Sausage Cropped
Five Bean Chilli
Lamb Shank In Mint Gravy Oliver James
Beef Bourguignon From OJ Site
Braised Beef In Cream
Chicken Triple Mustard From OJ Site
Chicken & Chorizo 13
Jeeves Strog
Beef Bourguignon
Chana Masala with Naan Bread and Raita -
Chicken jalfrezi healthy traditional Ind
Green curry (Kaeng kheiyw hwan) with Tha
The Best Sous vide Prepared Pub Food You Can Buy
Chicken Triple Mustard
Beef Bordelaise
100% Consistency
Minimal Preparation

Innovative, Exciting Dishes

Very Little Costly Waste
Fantastic Quality
Maximum Profits

We present a selection of delicious main course dishes especially

created for Pubs & Restaurants.


The dishes are blast-frozen after precise cooking, to ensure perfect delivery and maximum quality. We have something for every taste, from simple dishes to restaurant menu entrees.


Our dishes are made using a technique known as ‘sous-vide’ – a method which originated fifty years ago in France with Georges Pralus. Raw ingredients are vacuum sealed and then cooked slowly at a precisely controlled temperatures, locking in the juices and flavours, maximising the tenderness and greatly enhancing the flavour of the finished dish.


The sous-Vide process not only delivers high quality, but superb consistency as well.

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