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Lamb Shank in Mint Gravy

6x350g    £26.15/Case    £4.36/Portion

Wonderfully tender lamb shank roasted then braised with mint, redcurrants, rosemary & honey. The resulting light gravy combined with the lambs own juices is full flavoured & smooth with a beautiful natural sweetness. Makes the most of this tasty cut of lamb.

Lamb Shank with Rosemary & Ale

6x350g    £26.15/Case    £4.36/Portion


A roasted lamb shank braised until the meat is ‘melt in the mouth tender’. The sauce is rich & smooth combining the natural lamb juices with red wine, a sprig of 

 rosemary, mint & redcurrant. Deep honest flavours make this dish a favourite.

Lamb Shank In Red Wine Oliver James  Cro

Braised Lamb Shank with Winter Vegetables 

6x380g    £26.15/Case    £4.36/Portion


A large braised lamb shank with chunky winter vegetable, a hearty winter filler.

Braised Lamb Knuckle 3.jpg

Lamb Casserole with Mushrooms & Redcurrants

10x295g    £39.50/Case    £3.95/Portion

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