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Lamb Shank in Mint Gravy

6x350g    £26.75/Case    £4.46/Portion

Wonderfully tender lamb shank roasted then braised with mint, redcurrants, rosemary & honey. The resulting light gravy combined with the lambs own juices is full flavoured & smooth with a beautiful natural sweetness. Makes the most of this tasty cut of lamb.

Contains: Wheat, Gluten

Lamb Shank In Mint Gravy Oliver

Lamb Shank with Rosemary & Ale

6x350g    £26.75/Case    £4.46/Portion


A roasted lamb shank braised until the meat is ‘melt in the mouth tender’. The sauce is rich & smooth combining the natural lamb juices with red wine, a sprig of rosemary, mint & redcurrant. Deep honest flavours make this dish a favourite.

Contains: Wheat, Gluten & Celery

Lamb Shank In Red Wine Oliver James  Cro

Braised Lamb Shank with Winter Vegetables 

(Gluten Free)

6x380g    £26.75/Case    £4.46/Portion


A generous meaty lamb shank roasted and then slow braised in its own juices, with chunky cut winter vegetables, until super tender. The natural gravy is infused with the lamb loving flavours of rosemary and thyme.


“Simple hearty comfort food at its best.”

Contains: Celery

Lamb Shank with Winter Vegetables.jpg

Lamb Casserole with Mushrooms & Redcurrants

(Gluten Free)

10x295g    £42.50/Case    £4.25/Portion

A mouthwatering casserole of prime lamb, carrots, mushrooms, onions and tomato in a wine, redcurrant jelly & honey gravy.

Lamb Casserole