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Buttered Chicken Balti Curry From OJ Sit

Buttered Chicken Balti 

10x315g    £36.50/Case    £3.65/Portion 

Pieces of succulent chicken breast are marinated and poached in a wonderfully fragrant and authentic Balti sauce. Indian spices and herbs combine beautifully with fresh cream to finish this buttery aromatic curry. “Not too hot, a versatile and much loved curry.”


Green curry (Kaeng kheiyw hwan) with Tha
King Prawn Kerala Masala From OJ.JPG
Indian Chicken Curry
Chicken jalfrezi healthy traditional Ind
pieces of lamb cooked with onion, tomato
Chana Masala with Naan Bread and Raita -

Thai Green Chicken

(Gluten Free) 

10x316g    £36.50/Case    £3.65/Portion

An authentic and fragrant Thai style green curry made with coconut milk that delivers a well balanced and warming chilli kick.

“Fantastic fresh flavours in a smooth and sophisticated curry.”

King Prawn Kerala

(Gluten Free)

10x270g    £45.50/Case    £4.55/Portion

Juicy king prawns marinated then cooked in a fantastic medium spiced coconut and fresh cream Masala sauce. “Beautiful rounded flavours make this a very classy king prawn curry.”

Chicken Tikka Masala

(Gluten Free)

10x315g    £32.30/Case    £3.23/Portion

New amended recipe, now with no nuts!

Marinated Chicken Tikka chunks in a delicious and rich Marsala sauce .“The spices work really well in this dish, an enjoyable hearty curry”

Chicken Jalfrezi

(Gluten Free)

10x300g    £36.50/Case    £3.65/Portion

Lamb Jalfrezi

(Gluten Free)

10x310g    £41.50/Case    £4.15/Portion

Vegetable Curry

(Gluten Free, Vegan)

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