Prepared Pub Food.
Just some thoughts & ideas...
As I visit a wide selection of pubs, I naturally hear different ideas and opinions and see a range of serving suggestions... so I thought I'd share some of them with you.
What's it all about...

I get many phone calls inquiring about our range of  Prepared Pub Food dishes, but this can happen for a variety of reasons and needs.

Some publicans specialise in certain menu areas... it could be steaks or fish, pies or hotpots, which ever it may be, some chefs want to add width to their menu without the wastage, the time involved or extra staff for preparation. 

In some situations, a pub may be very small or running on hard times and don't want the uncertain expense of employing a chef... they just can't afford it. Our range offers 30 different dishes that are ready to go, you actually could have 30 items on your menu and none of them would cause a massive amount of work to serve. Just add veg or rice and make it look pretty... Total cost control, consistent quality and very very high quality.


So to sum up...

These are the best "Sous-vide" prepared pub dishes on the market.
They are made by a brilliant "cottage industry" company who have been making these dishes for years, they fully understands the Pub market and its needs and challenges.
The whole ethos of this catering solution is to provide Publicans and caterers with one answer to the challenges of today's Pub cooking.
Top Quality Ingredients
Eliminate Waste
Total Consistency
Easy to Prepare
Fantastic Quality
Perfect Size
Control Costs
30 Dishes Available 
Sous vide pouch
Slow Cooked Beef
Edward Moon... in the Midlands...
We have been using these lovely sous-vide dishes for many years. The slow braised lamb shank is a bestseller for us - it consistently receives high praise. The Beef Bourguignon is another big seller for us, the quality is excellent and it's full of flavour. Their portion sizes are generous too, but most importantly our customers LOVE the dishes.
The Swan... Gloucester...

These dishes are consistently excellent. The portion size is generous and our customers are delighted with the new menu. Their slow-cooked Pork Belly and Buttered Chicken Balti are delicious!

Have Lamb Shanks had their day?...

Some years ago I reckon that 40% of my sales were Lamb Shanks... it seemed that they were "a must" for every pub menu rather like "Scampi in a basket" was years ago. 

In reality, I think this is more about price than anything else. Sure, you can buy these from the butcher, but they take ages to cook and the weight loss is costly. The fact is, that most impoted shanks come from New Zealand or Australia and at the moment China seems to be 'hoovering' them all up. We can get them but they're pricey. 

They're a beautiful product but we charge £4.46 for a Sous-vide Lamb Shank in Mint Gravy... this is ok and great on your menu but it depands whether you can charge the right amount and get your margin. 

Lamb Shank In Red Wine
I can't stop "bangin on"...

We recently launched 3 new products and I can't stop

"bangin on" about them...

Somerset Chicken

Chicken breast in a creamy roast gammon, cheese & cider

apple sauce.













Beef Stroganoff

A classic Russian influenced dish made with strips of lean beef sautéed & served with mushrooms, onions & gargic in a cream, mustard, paprika & brandy sauce.














Salmon Fillet in Leek & Dill Sauce

A beautiful, light Salmon fillet with a white wine, leek & dill sauce.









...they're flippin lovely!

Just sayin!

Beef Stroganoff
Somerset Chicken
Salmon wit Leek & Dill
Cannelloni needs a "face lift"

Let me start by saying that the Cannelloni, Ricotta, Spinach & Goats Cheese is really very nice... and when I show caterers this and other products everyone keeps going back for seconds.

But... it needs a little help.

Once the Cannelloni has been reheated in the bag, it can look a little
uninteresting on the plate so it need a little imagination. 

Some will serve it on a bed of Passata tomato sauce... or put the sauce on top. This sauces actually changes the product in a big way by cutting through the cheese.

Some will add a salad and garlic bread and I have to say one of my pubs serves with CHIPS... not sure about that.

Anyway... lets get creative.

Cannelloni (2).jpg