Calabrain En Croute.jpg

Calabrain En Croute

6x225g    £21.30/Case    £3.55/Portion

This delightful vegetarian en croute packs a flavour punch! (Unbaked)


> The combination of goat’s cheese, olives and spinach works wonderfully well
> Finished with crumbled goats’ cheese and olives.
> Roast from frozen.

Caramelised Vegetable & Brie Tart.png

Caramalised Vegetable & Brie Tart

6x240g    £20.22/Case    £3.37/Portion

A combination of caramelised vegetables with brie on a puff pastry tart. (Unbaked)

> Generous portion of caramelised vegetables
> Handmade puff pastry
> Handmade appearance on plate
> Large plate filling portion
> Easy cook from frozen