King Prawn Wellington.jpg

King Prawn Wellington

6x210g    £21.00/Case    £3.50/Portion

Handmade puff pastry filled with large Tropical prawns in a spicy chilli and red pepper sauce. (Unbaked)

> Full of large tropical prawns
> Rich moderately spiced chilli sauce
> Handmade puff pastry

Imperial Smoked Haddock Wellington.png

Imperial Smoked Haddock Wellington

6x210g    £22.62/Case    £3.77/Portion

Smoked Haddock in a rich Florentine sauce of spinach and cheese, encased in puff pastry finished with cheddar, red currents and egg glaze. (Unbaked)

> Rich sauce of cheddar and hint of mustard that complements the prime Haddock
> Handmade puff pastry that swells to give good plate coverage
> Impactful centre of plate presentation

Cow Wellington 2.png

Salmon Wellington

6x215g    £21.54/Case    £4.09/Portion

Prime skinless and boned Salmon in a rich butter and prawn sauce wrapped in a puff pastry purse finished with asparagus and chopped parsley. (Unbaked)

> Rich sauce of butter with Atlantic prawns
> Puffs to give very good plate coverage
> Handmade en croute with asparagus garnish
> Commands a good profitable menu price

Lobster Thermidor.png

Lobster Thermidor En Croute

6x215g    £25.62/Case    £4.27/Portion

Lobster with skinless and boned Cod in a rich and creamy white wine, cheese, mustard and garlic sauce, wrapped in a light puff pastry and topped with a lemon slice and dill. (Unbaked)

> Pieces of lobster with Atlantic Cod
> Light puff pastry
> Attractive garnish
> Easy cooking – oven from frozen

Salmon baked with Mediterranean vegetables in papillote.jpg

Salmon Papilotte

6x290g    £25.62/Case    £4.27/Portion

Fillet of Atlantic Salmon with courgettes, peppers and onions, with a lemon slice and butter pat. All wrapped en papilotte. (Unbaked)

 > Wrapped in parchment paper to keep the fish beautifully moist.

> Generous serving.

> Fantastic delicate flavours.

> Easy cooking - oven bake from frozen.