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Chicken in a Triple Mustard Cream Sauce

10x245g    £33.50/Case    £3.35/Portion

Succulent chicken served in a velvety mustard sauce that adds great depth and flavour to the dish.

Chicken Filled with Cheese, Leek & Bacon in Mushroom Sauce

10x265g    £37.00/Case    £3.70/Portion

Succulent chicken generously filled with a cheese, leek & bacon stuffing served with a smooth, rich, Portobello mushroom and Madeira sauce.

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Stilton Mousse in a Port Wine Sauce

10x360g    £37.40/Case    £3.74/Portion

A chicken supreme in a port wine sauce stuffed with a Stilton mousse. 

Somerset Chicken

10x340g    £36.00/Case    £3.60/Portion

Chicken in a creamy sauce with apple, bacon & cheese.

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